Coffee-flavored Italian dessert.

Very Berry Pizza

birthday club 646

Rocco’s homemade dough, creamy vanilla pudding, streusel and a berry mix
sprinkled with powdered sugar 9”- 5.29; 14”- 9.99; 16”- 10.99

Chocolate Cannoli

birthday club 641

The classic cannoli served in a chocolate-covered shell topped with caramel.

Root Beer Float

root beer float

A creamy combination of ice cream and root beer served in a frosty mug.

Tim-tation Pizza

birthday club 644

Rocco’s homemade dough, creamy vanilla pudding, streusel and sweet chocolate chips sprinkled with powered sugar. 9″-5.29, 14″-9.99, 16″-10.99



Rocco’s homemade dough tied, baked with cinnamon sugar and served with a cream cheese dipping sauce 4.49


birthday club 642

Rich ricotta cheese and sweet chocolate chips served in a toasted shell and sprinkled with powered sugar.